Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hey All!
I thought that the new Secret Wars 2 pack Cyclops was a great attempt at a classic character from my youth. The only problem was the terribly sloppy and inaccurate paint work and his stubby arms. I swapped out the arms below the shoulder joint with a pair from Union Jack and returned the hands that came with Cyke then gave the entire figure an accurate repaint. I'll tell you... these new Marvel Universe figures are a customizers dream! They are so easy to work with and there is not ONE of them that doesn't leave room for serious improvement (save for maybe Sunfire, who is actually very well done). The price point is a bit out of control at almost 10 bucks a pop for these little things, but prices are through the roof on everything these days. Whatayagonnado...?

I'm really happy that it looks like the Secret Wars line is going to pretty much produce most of the early 80's X- Men team that I grew up with and with a few custom additions I can round out the corners with some of the other members that don't have figures slated just yet. I'm looking forward to working on those and sharing them with you here. I also have a Spiderman repaint with some slight custom modifications and a Ka- Zar figure in the works that I'll be posting soon, so stay tuned! Thanks for looking!