Thursday, September 16, 2010

Winged Ape From "Queen of the Black Coast" Third in a series

Hey All!
Here is my newest Conan based custom: The Winged Ape Demon thingy from the awesome Conan story, "The Queen of the Black Coast". This strange creature gives Conan and the crew of Belit's pirate ship a run for their money and comes as close as anyone (or thing) ever does to killing our beloved Cimmerian. In fact, if not for the intervention of the spirit of Conan's beloved Belit, this oversized flying monkey would have made short work of Conan. The scene in which that occurs is of course the inspiration for the cheesey scene in the 1982 Conan film in which Valeria returns from the dead to save Conan's life..."Do you wanna' live forever?" Gimme' a break. Anyway, This guy sports an original head sculpt made from Sculpey of which this is my first. I'm pretty proud of it and am looking forward to doing more of the same in the future. The body is a Venom figure with wings from a Nemesis Enforcer figure from GI Joe. The rest of the detail is sculpted on with Ave's Fixit Sculpt. I would love to know what you think. Please feel free as always to leave comments and critiques.