Monday, May 31, 2010

Earth's Sorcerer Supreme... Dr. Strange!

Hey All!

Here's my newest. He started out as a Marvel Universe Iron Fist figure. He has a modified Broken Arrow toys head cast (I sculpted the hair and mustache), a belt/ sash from a Hand Ninja, and a skirt from an Obi Wan Kenobi figure. The tunic detail is sculpted with Fixit Sculpt and the cape is made of Fixit Sculpt, styrene, a bedsheet, and some white glue. The technique was a real breakthrough for me as I have been struggling over how to craft rigid, realistic looking capes for sometime now. This technique takes an important aspect of super hero customizing that I used to find very limited (I really hated hunting around for capes for these figures and never being able to find one that worked the way I wanted) and opens the door up wide to limitless possibilities. If there is interest I will do a tutorial on how to make these capes when I work up my next custom.
I'm really happy with the results here... this is by far my favorite custom to date! A very special thanks to my lovely and talented wife who introduced me to the technique for the cape and to her and her dear friend April who helped me troubleshoot it and who put up with my cursing and my tantrums when it wasn't working out. I hope you enjoy him and as always... comments are welcome and appreciated!