Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mighty Marvels Malevolent Mutant Master of Magnetism... MAGNETO!

Hey All!

I hope this posting finds you well. My newest custom is Magneto in the Marvel Universe scale. I've been wanting to do this ever since I first saw this figure. I could not have been more disappointed with Hasbro's 1:18 scale offering of Magneto. He has always been one of Marvel's most powerful and imposing figures and his use of the stumpy Daredevil body and lackluster cape made his plastic countenance a poor representation of this malevolent monarch of mayhem. I replaced the stumpy torso with that of Namor the Submariner, cut the cape from the collar portion and glued said portion to the figure. The cape was made using the same technique as was used to make my recent Dr. Strange custom. The Magneto offering is the subject of a tutorial explaining the cape technique which I will be posting very soon. Watch for it... and as always comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated!

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  1. I somehow just knew this was coming...Magneto's cape was terrible and the first thing I want to fix on mine as well!
    Excellent work!