Sunday, June 6, 2010

Repaints... My favorite pastime!

Hey All!

Truly, nothing makes me happier than a great sculpt with a poor factory paintjob! To my reckoning it's a customizers dream! Nothing pleases me more than the excitement of releasing that poorly painted bauble from it's plastic prison and using paint and brush (and pastel) to release and enhance the beauty of the sculpt!
Todays offerings are a good example. Taking a break from heavy modifications and sculpting after my Doctor Strange custom, I decided to do a few simple repaints. Very easy... Very satisfying... and very good at gearing me up for the next big project.
First up is Face from the A- team. These figures are great, but the head sculpts (which are decent representations of the movie actors) suffer from some pretty horrific paint apps. I have all 4 members of the team, but Face is the only one I've had a chance to paint. The head sculpt is a great portrait of actor Bradley Cooper and I couldn't wait to paint him up.
Second on the card is the Marvel Universe Enchantress. This one bugged me beyond belief. She's supposed to be a goddess of seduction and yet she was completely ugly. A simple repaint brought out her beauty and her penchant for evil.
Thirdly is the Marvel Universe Absorbing Man. I can't think of a figure that needed a repaint more than this guy! Terrible! At first I was not impressed with his ugly mug and funny boots- he sort of reminded me of Popeye. After repainting him, however he has become one of my favorite figures and in my opinion the best offering of the character to date. He took a little bit more than just paint, though. I scarred him up with a carving tool and an exacto knife to texture him up for his concrete effect. I really enjoyed this guy- he was a complete pleasure from start to finish!
I hope you enjoy them! Let me know what you think!


  1. Loving that Absorbing Man re-paint! He is on my list to do over as well...

  2. GREAT color choices on A.M. Original, but still looks comic-accurate. I really like how those subtle tones in his face brought out a very characteristic expression. Excellent work!